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The Alien Interogation / Alien Interview

Frame form the AREA51 alien interview


This video purports to be of an grey alien being filmed through a one way mirror and being questioned by a U.S. General and a telepathic aide.

The footage first came to light on the Art Bell radio show on 13th March, 1997 when ufologist Sean David Morton was interviewed. Morton claimed the interrogation was fairly recent, sometime in 1996, and that renowned UFO expert Bob Dean apparently cried at the advanced screening of the film.

Famed author Whitley Strieber who wrote about his close encounter experiences in the book, "Communion," stated, "There are things about this footage that are particularly striking. Some of the least known features reported by witnesses are presented here. If this tape is not authentic, then it must have been made by people with very special inside knowledge."

The color video footage, which lasts for a total of two minutes and fifty-five seconds, was apparently smuggled out of the secret Groom Lake "Area 51" facility in Nevada by a man referring to himself as "Victor". The video film depicts a Grey alien being interrogated at the government facility.

After claiming to have smuggled the film out of the Groom Lake facility in Nevada, Victor resolved to have the footage broadcast on network television as soon as possible in order to publicly expose his claims. Victor believes that if his identity is discovered and he is subsequently assassinated, this would only further help to confirm the claims and authenticity behind the film.

Contents Of The Video

After seeing the interview footage, Morton provides a chilling and detailed description of what he saw:

"The film was shot through a large plane of glass. There was no sound accompanying the images. The interview took place in a darkened room, lit with an eerie greenish glow, I could make out the silhouettes of two men, one dressed in military uniform with what appeared to be the stars on the epaulet of his jacket, and another more casually dressed man with his hand occasionally rubbing his forehead. They sat with their backs to the camera at one end of a long table, which was littered with wires, chords and microphones. There were what appeared to be medical devices. One in particular was blinking erratically, as if it was monitoring a very sick heart. And there sitting at the end of the table was a small, beige-skinned, black-eyed, bulbous headed creature, the like of which haunt the nightmares of thousands of unwilling abductees."

Morton made many references to the creature's sick appearance and condition. The alien made very jerky movements and kept bobbing up and down. He continued to describe the apparently distressed state the creature was in.

"Its skin was a pinkish beige, but the rest of the head looked purple and bruised, as if it had suffered severe contusions across the skull."

The contents of the tape grew progressively more disturbing. Towards the end of the tape, the creature goes into what appears to be violent spasms, as if it was having a seizure. The mouth of the alien opens and closes before a foam begins to come out. At that point the heart monitor (as described by Morton) begins to start jumping wildly, at which point the man in the military looking uniform signals to a couple of medics, who rush into the frame and aid the alien. As the doctors treat the alien, the footage suddenly comes to an abrupt end.

Fact or Fiction?

The authenticity of the footage is seen differently by many people. Morton is convinced the footage is real due to strong relationships with stories of alien abductees and the information on the footage in the lower part of the frame.

The video footage has the characters DNI/27 burnt into the bottom line of the frame, along with what appears to be the time code numbers for date, minutes and seconds. The letters DNI could be an acronym for the Department of Naval Intelligence, the group responsible for the Area 51 base. The DNI connection to Area 51 has been widely investigated. George Knapp, the TV journalist who encouraged Bob Lazar to go public with his knowledge has shown that Lazar's pay cheques from the time he claimed to be working at Area 51 had DNI stamped on them.

Whether its all true or not - you'll just have to decide yourself. But bear in mind that since the films release into the public domain in 1996 NO-ONE has come forward to claim credit for a hoax!

grey alien at area51 - alien interview

This alleged footage provided below comes from AREA 51, and shows an alien being interviewed / Interogated as medical staff are attending to it.

Real Video winzipped file - 297KB

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