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UFO Sightings- Woman Films UFOs On Dark Desert Highway! 2015

UFO Sightings BRAVE Woman Films UFOs On Dark Desert Highway! 2015

Email From Heather “I shot the video on my way home last night. You could see it from Rt 15. I recorded it while I was driving then I pulled over to get a better look. It was about 9:23 at night. You can def share my video. I used my boyfriends last name (Morton) on my YouTube account. But my real name is Heather O’friel.”

Aguadilla Coast Guard UFO Video – 2014

Letter received by The Black Vault in September 2014.

I was reading about your involvement in getting documents from the NSA concerning UFO’s. Sir, if you want undeniable proof of UFO’s on earth from a government source it is in the video below. Try a FOIA request for this video that was leaked onto youtube.

I can vouch that the following video is 100% real. I am remaining anonymous to avoid government reprisals.
If you ever wanted to truly see how aliens are monitoring or studying us, and witness their technology, this is it.

The video is a black and white infrared recording using a L3 MX15 EOIR camera. The IR video uses back hot, meaning the blacker something is the hotter, or fuller of energy it is. The video was leaked onto youtube because the Federal Agents who recorded it realized the Federal Government was not interested in disclosing it. The video was recorded from the screen of a laptop using a iPhone type device.

Spanish is heard as background noise to distort the leaker’s voices so they are not discovered, so disregard all audio. Lastly, the poster of the video speculates it was recorded from a CBP Blackhawk. In reality it was recorded by a CBP DHC8 turboprop maritime patrol aircraft.

This is not a maybe, this is 100% alien technology on earth, in our skies, and under our oceans. The video was taken in Aguadilla Puerto Rico, and can be verified by calling CBP Caribbean Air and Marine Branch, and Aguadilla airport control tower (the UFO was over the airport without permission and tower controllers saw it and tracked it on radar.

On April 25, 2013 at 2122 Local/April 26, 2013 0122Z a Customs and Border Protection Caribbean Air and Marine Branch DHC8 maritime patrol aircraft was on a routine patrol when it encountered a UFO immediately after takeoff. The object was spotted visually by the Captain of the aircraft, and the Aguadilla control tower operator. It appeared to have a strange red light.

The Customs and Border Protection crew thought the aircraft might be a smuggler so they began to follow the UFO, and record a IR video. The UFO circled the Aguadilla airport and made its way to the ocean. Initially the UFO appears as a forward flying horseshoe, then as it makes its way to the ocean, it changes its configuration to a more spherical shape. The UFO skims on top of the ocean, and submerges, unaffected by the hydrodynamic forces.

Watch the video carefully at 01:24:39 (time in upper left corner) when the object gets really dark (hot) another UFO actually pops out of the ocean and joins the original UFO in formation. Then both UFO’s make controlled entries into the ocean. Alien technology is no doubt under the ocean near Puerto Rico!

The Black Vault

UFO Videos – January 2015

The Craziest UFO Videos Of January 2015 Watch Now! Incredible Footage Submitted To Thirdphaseofmoon from around the world!

Flying Saucer Spotted over Victorville, CA? Super Enhanced Footage with Stabilization and Raw Video! Portions of audio has been replaced due to Radio Music. January 2nd 2015 driving over Amargosa road southbound until the end of street. Captured By Martin Gutierrez Check out the Original Link on his youtube Channel


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Roswell alien film footage?

Shape Shifting UFO Sighting Over Texas Nov 25, /2014

Best UFO videos August 2014


Best UFO Video Sightings of August 2014 Watch Now!~ Massive Egyptian Monument On Planet Mars! NASA Evidence Proof 2014 Incredible Enhanced Footage Watch Now! Original Photo At Nasa Link…

Cigar Shaped UFO Captured Over Napa Just After Earthquake! 2014 Video Interview Recorded On 8/24/2014 Via Skype With Alex Christinson While With Friends In The Napa CA Area Captures A Mysterious Object! Could This Be A Blimp,Balloon,Drone, You Decide!

Francis Hudson Captures an Incredibly Bright UFO over Liverpool UK!! Captured with his Panasonic V550 90x Optical Zoom! Please leave your comment Below and share what you think it is! Also Be sure Not To Miss Thirdphaseofmoon Radio Tonight Live on Air! 12 AM East Coast 9PM West Coast! Click Link To the Join The Show (347) 934-0378…

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New video of Houston UFO – September 2104



Pictures posted online of a bright object over the skies of Houston Monday night have attracted attention from around the world. Now new video shows bright lights Monday night over southeast Houston.

Music- Song- Gem Droids

Helicopters surround UFO

Breaking News UFO Sightings Helicopters Surround and Observe UFO in Broad Daylight, Shocking Footage Watch Now! Aug 19 , 2012 Enhanced footage and Closeups of What Appears to be A Saucer Like Object Hovering in Mid Air! Captured off the slopes of the Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii.

UFO Carolina caught on Night Vision in May, 2014

Witness statement: It was, I believe, the night after the full moon in May. I had a small telescope and I was trying to get some good views of the moon. I also had a night vision monocular, a PVS-14 with a 3x magnifier on a tripod with a video camera attached to it and a set of night vision goggles, PVS-7D (Delta’s) around my neck. I usually have the goggles with me if it’s a clear night out. There were no clouds that night. I was looking through the goggles and noticed a “plane” coming toward me from the north, heading south. It was relatively low, 5000 feet or a little less. I’m pretty good at estimating distances, I’m a experienced skydiver and long distance shooter. I thought it was a little weird that I wasn’t hearing it coming towards me, Doppler effect, so I started recording on the PVS-14. I probably noticed it when it was maybe at a 75* angle. As it was passing over me, I still heard NOTHiNG! No sound what so ever. So I’m trying to look at it through the goggles and record it with the monocular at the same time. As I’m watching it, I notice that as it’s passing stars, I could see stars through the craft!!!! I saw stars through the “fuselage” of the craft!!! Later, I confirmed this when I reviewed the video. The craft was in the shape of a triangle. There were two lights at the rear of the vehicle, circular, with a blinking light, also circular, almost between them, it was just a little above the two rear lights. The light in front was shaped like a triangle itself, with a small, round light right behind it. So all together, 5 lights. I have, of course, seen planes through night vision goggles, helicopters, you can hear planes at 5000 feet, you can hear planes at 15,000 feet, 20,000 feet. This thing was low and slow and silent!! Even as it past over me and continued on. I watched for a total of 8 minutes and 30 seconds. When I first noticed it, again at about 75*, so if I saw it sooner, I might have seen it for 13-14 minutes? The last weird thing that I noticed, was that when I took the goggles down for a second to get a barring as to where it was in the sky, I couldn’t see any of the lights, not the fixed lights, not the single blinking light. So either all the lights were very dim and the night vision enhanced them like they were made to do, or the lights were infrared, basically naked to the naked eye. It flew out of sight, heading towards the south. So to recap: 1: it was silent. 2: it was very slow moving. 3: the lights were either very dim or infrared. 4: I could see through it!!! Adaptive camouflage??? First time I’ve seen the real thing. 5: I couldn’t see it without night vision goggles. I will attach a “freeze frame” from the video. If you would like to see the video, please let me know.

A possible Chinook Helicopter Abducted By UFO in Mid Air? – Enhanced Footage

Published on 27 Oct 2012

Enhanced Footage! Highly questionable content… As always you decide! Footage came into Thirpdhaseofmoon with out any information given. Could this be an Alien UFO Abduction In Mid Air?