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UFO & alien download files

Within this page are UFO and Alien mulimedia Downloads for you to play with. We want to constantly expand this list, so if you have an interesting image, video or multimedia file, drop us a email.

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UFO Monthly.com Magazine/Ezine
.pdf full colour 30 page magazine with latest news and articles on UFOs.

click here! for 2.9mb.adobe.pdf copy


London UFO studies wallpaper LUFOS (London UFO Studies) Official Wallpaper for you to download.
click here! for 1024 x 768
click here! for 800 x 600
London UFO studies wallpaper LUFOS (London UFO Studies) Official Wallpaper for you to download.
click here! for 1024 x 768
click here! for 800 x 600
Click to play alien abduction

Play this great FREE Alien Abduction game

click to download Alien Abduction

Play this great FREE Mission Mars game

click to download Mission Mars

Click to play space invaders

Play this great FREE Space Invaders Game

click to download Space invaders

Play this great FREE ALIEN ATTACK Game

click to download Space invaders

Crowdedskies - Chri martin video clip of ufo films

Crowdedskies Video montage

View the Christopher Martin compilation video montage for Crowdedskies. Contains multiple ufo clips from around the world. (.avi - 1.1meg)

Roy Lake - SKY1 XFiles TV Ad's.
Courtesy of SKY TV.

Video clip1 - Real media - 203kb
Video clip2 - Real media - 204kb
Video clip3 - Real media - 165kb
Video clip4 - Real media - 163kb

Ashtar Command

Audio file from an Interupted TV broadcast in England in the 70's - very strange. 800k wav file winzipped.

Ufo photos

UFO photo's

This is a Winzip file contsining of 55 UFO photo's. 235KB.

Guardian UFO

film footage in a winzip file. 380KB.
taken inCanada in 1989.

x-files theme

The X-Files theme

is a very small midi file. 1.89KB.

Take me to your leader
sound file. Winzip - 27KB.

Die Earthling,
Sound file. Winzip - 36KB.

Dark Skies (TV) theme.
116KB. Winzip file.

grey alien at area51 - alien interview

Alien interogation / Interview

This alleged footage come from AREA 51, and shows an alien being interviewed / Interogated as medical staff are attending to it. RealVideo file. winzip file - 297KB.

Click here to see background information for this file

The dulce labs video footage of grey aliens

Alien cryo tanks/feeding vats.

This film has been allegedly stolen from an undergound facility named DULCE.
It shows Aliens in containers of liquid, and the alleged vats of feeding substance.

RealVideo winzipfile - 178KB.

Click here to see the suppoirting DULCE pages and NEW download files

For those who do not have a Real Video player follow this link.  
Free Ufo screen saver

Ufo screen saver

This has the Adamski, Bob Lazer ufo's that fly and bounce around your P.C.

136 Kb. Winzip file.

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text Documents!