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The DULCE Papers

An article by Daz Smith (webmaster)


In late 1987 I was introduced to the DULCE PAPERS by UFO research group Quest International, UK.

These documents discuss a joint Alien/government run facility in New Mexico, USA. They show and talk about a piece of cameras footage of alien breeding chambers and tanks holding what appears to be grey aliens.

These documents surfaced at a time when Ufology was blossoming around the world, sightings were up and the emergence of the Crop circles had spawned a new generation of interested searchers. During this time many strange documents were fed to the hungry public domain, by strange cloudy background characters like Bill Moore, Bill Hamilton and John Lear. Each of these told a confusing, disturbing story of human / alien interaction, underground bases and a secret government at the heart of a cosmic conspiracy.

In 1987 the document fascinated me - and cross referenced with abduction stories and alleged security guard statements and tit bits from around the world, I felt that the whole story had some element of truth.

Nearly ten years later in 1996 through the internet I found a piece of film footage that was labeled AREA51. This turned out to show exactly the same scenes as released in the Dulce Papers almost ten years earlier. In clear detail large upright tanks can be seen with what really does appear to be grey aliens inside!


Are they real?

I have seen much written on the Dulce Papers most of this is on the net and some included here. Most of this automatically dismisses the whole DULCE scenario, papers and footage - but I have some questions that would need to be answered before I take this route:

1. Why? and who? would benefit from a hoax lasting over ten years?

2. The film looks very professional - who could have faked it? and why? (no-one has ever come forward)

3. The case goes allot deeper than just the Dulce Papers - Paul Benewitz a researcher who stumbled on a facility in new mexico with aliens was fed false information by the AFOSI, and agent Richard Doty, and researcher William (Bill) Moore. Why?

So is DULCE real, are the papers and video real? I don't know but one has come forward to say they faked it, and all the accumulative evidence point to a very complex story.


Text from the Papers:

In 1979, something happened at the base with 66 humans
killed and 44 humans escaping. It is suspected that the US
attempted unsuccessfully to take over the base by force.

One of the people who in escaped the facility was a CIA agent who, prior to leaving, made some notes, photos, and videotapes, before going into hiding. He has been in hiding ever since, and every six months he contacts each of five(?) people he left copies of the material with. His instructions were that if he missed four
successive contacts, the people could do whatever they want with
the material. The individuals caring for the packages were non
technical in nature and new very little about the documents.

In December 1987 a Description of these so called "Dulce Papers"
was issued, and received by many researchers. The leak is suspected to have come from one of the caretakers of the papers. The Dulce Papers themselves were said to be composed of the following:

o 25 black and white photos
o 6 minute video tape of Dulce Facility with no dialogue
o set of technical papers pertaining to Facility

The contents included at least the following:

o discussion of copper & molybdenum
o discussion of magnesium & potassium (electrolytes??)
o lots of medical terminology
o discussion of ultraviolet light & gamma rays
o discussion of true purpose of the EBE's
o discussion of usage of cow blood
o discussion of DNA manipulation
o discussion of "almost human beings"
o discussion of "creation of non gender being"
o discussion of DNA manipulation
o discussion of "almost human beings"
o sketches of the photos

Click to read 'Dulce did in fact happen' - Branton
Click to read 'Cosmic top secrets and the Dulce base' - Branton
Click to read 'A Dulce base officer speaks out' - Branton

NEW - information on the DULCE papers and the base!

the DULCE Papers

Download the full DULCE Papers (936kb Winzip file)

Download the DULCE papers as a pdf

Download the full DULCE Papers(433kb pdf doc)

Click the images below to view the papers (larger) page by page.

  The DULCE Papers The DULCE Papers  
  The DULCE Papers The DULCE Papers  

The film footage

As you can see in the film footage, it starts off in one room and pans to another. First we see the alleged hybrid growing sacks as per the text and sketches. In the foreground the large round vats or containers can be seen with the weird mechanical arms. In the background large upright glass containers can be seen. The last camera views are of some of these containers up close, Aden we end on a shot trying to close-in on a containers contents - which could be a grey alien.

Image from the alleged DULCE footage that supports the documentation

footage showing Alien cryo tanks and feeding vats.

This film has been allegedly stolen from an underground facility named DULCE. It shows Aliens in containers of liquid, and the alleged vats of feeding substance.

RealVideo winzipfile - 178KB. Click here to download

NEW - information on the DULCE papers and the base!