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new information on The DULCE Papers

by Daz Smith (webmaster)

Background: I recently recived these by email about the DULCE papers - are the comments true! Only time will tell - if you have any other info then pass it on to me here and I will upload it...


Hi Daz Smith at crowdedskies...

Greetings, and congratulations for your site. It has a lot of interesting material.

However, I´d like to make a clearance about something you have on your website, and that's unfortunately false.

I'm a sort of "spokesman" for one of the prime investigators of the Dulce Base enigma. He saw the page about dulce and the supposed video of the base, and here's a fragment of what he told me...

"Some people were interviewed about DULCE for a Prime time UFO Special for NIPPON TV , in JAPAN.
They video taped DRAWINGS "Ann West" made of the 6 minute video tape of the Dulce Facility with no dialogue and the Still Photos. These were DRAWINGS, that she made. They were shown to the Japanese Investigators." (The drawings YOU have in the page, and without any doubt ARE authentic)

"The Japanese went to the expense of making MODELS, based on the Drawings, and produced a "grainy" video of the small Models and used to illustrate the Interview on the TV Special (over 10 years ago).
Later...Assholes, cut these sections out of the Japanese TV program, when the Program's Video was sold in Japanese Video Stores.
Then, someone said it was the REAL Dulce Video and tried to sell it to make themselves Money."

So guys, that video is NOT authentic, because the real video is missing and no one knows where it is. And everyone who once had a copy of it is dead already, or at least with a death-silence-sentence. ¿Please, would you correct that little mistake?

Thanks a lot.


When I asked what proff he had...


Hi daz...

Well, I unfortunately don't have exactly any concrete information beyond the TRUTH that can backup the information. I assure that this information is true and can be proved, but the only thing that can be used as a proof is the japanese video of the TV show, that of course exists... In Japan.

Instead, I have something better to give you... and you can upload it to the page of course...

I send you the ONLY photography that survived the Dulce Papers incident (the other pictures were retrieved by the military, disappearing their holders too)... so it's quite possible that all the pictures were lost forever... all but one...

This is the AUTHETIC picture of the Dulce base Blood lab. This is the only surviving file from the Dulce Papers, and this picture was taken by the late Thomas Castello himself. Those few who once were there and could speak anyhow, confirmed that it is the correct place.

The devices you see there are equipment used for the treatment and experiment with human, alien and hybrid blood, fluids and similar.

That's everything I can give you as a fact. Please post it, spread it. Don't let the shadows cover this awful and inhuman reality...


P.S. the original dulce papers including the original pictures, tapes, drawings and flash-gun among other things are lost. The few investigators that know where they are, have tried to recover them but as they reach the approximate site, they're pursuited by the black forces and always have to retreat.


Alleged ONLY authentic image of DULCE  base bloodlabs - click for larger image

the DULCE Papers

Download the full DULCE Papers (936kb Winzip file)

Download the DULCE papers as a pdf

Download the full DULCE Papers(433kb pdf doc)

Click the images below to view the papers (larger) page by page.

  The DULCE Papers The DULCE Papers  
  The DULCE Papers The DULCE Papers  

The film footage

As you can see in the film footage, it starts off in one room and pans to another. First we see the alleged hybrid growing sacks as per the text and sketches. In the foreground the large round vats or containers can be seen with the weird mechanical arms. In the background large upright glass containers can be seen. The last camera views are of some of these containers up close, and we end on a shot trying to close-in on a containers contents - which could be a grey alien.

Image from the alleged DULCE footage that supports the documentation

footage showing Alien cryo tanks and feeding vats.

This film has been allegedly stolen from an undergound facility named DULCE. It shows Aliens in containers of liquid, and the alleged vats of feeding substance.

RealVideo winzipfile - 178KB. Click here to download