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The Grey Alien

Typical Grey Alien dude!

The main ALIEN type reported by abductee's, witnesses & government whistleblowers are the 'GREY' type alien profiled below:

NEW interactive grey alien!

NEW Darryl's grey alien images

For those of you who want real detail on the Grey Aliens then I would suggest you read the book 'Day after Roswell' (chapter 7) by Colonel Philip J Corso.

Colonel Philip Corso (Day after Roswell)encountered a dead Grey alien early in his military career - one of the Roswell crash pilots. Later in his career he was tasked with the dissemination of alien technology into the public domain through commercial technology companies working on government projects.

colonel corso's accounts are some of the best and his military record is impeccable. Philip Corso had access to documentation detailing the autopsies of the Roswell Grey alien and he details how the physiological makeup of the grey alien makes them idea for space/time travel. Corso's research reaches the conclusion that the grey alien in an integral part of the navigation of the ufo. When sat in their seats the grey becomes part of the integrated circuitry and uses their enhance brain to pilot the ship probably by their minds - hence the lack of reported control mechanisms in crashed ufo's.

Grey alien picture
Grey alien picture
Grey alien picture
Grey alien picture
The head is large by
human standard.

Eye's are generally
slanted, large and black.

Nose is usually vague.
2 small nares are visible.

Mouth is indicated by a small slit without lips, this appears to be non functional.

No teeth in the mouth cavity.

The body and head are completely hairless.

Torso is described as small and thin, often covered in a metallic garment.

Arms are long and thin,
and reach to the knees.

Reports of the fingers vary from 3 to 4, long webbed, and possibly with a claw or finger nail.

The legs are short and thin, most reports of the feet say that they are covered.

The Brain is larger than ours and has more than 2 lobes, possibly 3. the third lobe is thought to be used for telepathic communication.

grey alien brain

Skin description ranges from light tan to the pasty grey color. texture is described as scaly or reptilian in nature. No muscle or skeletal structure is visible.

No external reproductive genital, possible reproduction by a cloning method.

No discernible digestive tract found, but a 2 piece organ that seems to be a combined heart and lungs organ. Digestive functioning is believed to be through the skin in a form of osmosis

grey alien organs
grey alien eyes
grey alien black eyes

The Eye's are one of the most striking elements of Abductions and various descriptions of the eye's have been reported.The black look of the eye may be a possible lens covering.