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The HALT audio transcript

Rendlesham Forest Incident 1980

Charles Halt was the deputy base commander of Bentwaters RAF base during the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident of 1980. This is a transcript of his audio recording of the investigation and chase of a UFO through the forest.

Col. Halt: 150 feet or more from the initial, I should say suspected impact point. Have a little difficulty, we can't get the Lidall to work. Seems to be some kind of mechanical problem. Going to send it back and get another Lidall. Meantime were going to take some readings with the Geiger counter and uh, stick around here a little bit waiting for another Lidall to come back in.

Soldier: Let's mark one at a time, that's pod number.

Halt:O.K., were now approaching the area within about 25 or 30 feet. What kind of readings we getting? Anything?

Soldier: Just five clicks.

Halt:Five clicks. Where are the impressions?

Soldier: Here's one.

Halt: Is that all the bigger they are?

Soldier: Well there's one more well defined one over here.

Halt: We're still getting clicks

Soldier: Still getting clicks.

Halt: Can we read that on the scale?

Soldier: Yes Sir, we're now on the 5/10ths scale, and were reading about, uh, the third or fourth increment.

Halt: O.K., we're still comfortably safe here.

Radio: (Makes comment about a Lidall)

Unknown:Still minor readings.

Halt: Let's go to the third one over here.

Soldier: Yes, now I'm getting some residual.

Halt: I can read that, the meter is definitely giving....low pulse. Lets go to the center of the area next and see what kind of reading we get out there. You're reading the clicks, I can't hear the clicks. That about the center Bruce?

Soldier: Yes Sir.

Halt: O.K., lets go to the center. That's the best deflection needle I've seen yet. O.K., can you give me an estimation.

Soldier: We're on the point five scale, and we're getting, we're getting right at, uh, a half of a milliroentgen.

Halt: That's point.

Soldier: I haven't seen it go any higher.

Halt: O.K., we'll go out toward the...

Soldier: Now it's picking up.

Halt: This is out toward the Level One indentation where we first got the strongest reading. It's similar to what we got before.

Soldier: This looks like an area here possibly that could be a blast.

Soldier: It just jumped to 17.

Halt: What?

Soldier: It just jumped to 7 tenths.

Halt: Seven tenths, right there in the center?

Soldier: Uh, huh.

Halt: We found a small blast, what looks like a blasted, or, scruffed up area here. We're getting very positive readings. Lets see, is that near the center?

Soldier: Yes it is.

Halt: Up to seven tenths. Seven units lets call it on the point Five scale. O.K., why don't we do this. Why don't we make a sweep.

Soldier: Here, I got my gloves on now.

Halt: Lets make a sweep out around the whole area,

Halt: about 10 foot out. Make a perimeter run around it, starting right back here at the corner. Back at the same first corner where we came in. Lets go right back here. I want to depend on you to count the clicks.

Soldier: Right.

Halt: O.K. lets...right put the light on it, lets sweep around it. Put it on the ground every once in a while.

Soldier: This looks like an abrasion on the tree.

Halt: O.K., we'll catch that on the way back, lets go around, hit it there.

Soldier: I got an interesting one over here, looks like an abrasion point into the center.

Halt: It is. It may be old though, there's some sap marks or something there. Lets go on back around.

Soldier: They ought to give us an extension on that.

Halt: Yeah, this is an awkward thing to use isn't it. Are we getting anything further?, I'm going to shut this recorder off until we find something.

Soldier: Picking up here.

Halt: Picking up? What are we up to? We're up to 2 3 units of deflection. You're getting in close to one pod.

Soldier: Picking up something here. Picking up.

Halt: O.k., its still not going above 3 or 4 units.

Soldier: Right. It's picking up more though. More frequent.

Halt: Yes, you're staying steady up around 2 to 3...to 4 units now.

Soldier: Get one of these trees that's facing the blast. What we assume is the landing sight. All around an abrasion that's facing in the same direction towards the center.

Halt: That's interesting, lets go this way around the circle. Turn it back down here.

Halt: Let me see that. You know that's kind of funny, that's, your right about the abrasion. I've never seen a tree that's, uh, never seen a pine tree that's been damaged, react that fast.

Soldier: I have a bottle to put that in.

Halt: Yeah, you have a sample bottle?

Soldier: Yes Sir.

Halt: Yeah, put this stuff in.

Soldier: You notice their all the same color.

Halt: O.K., from now on lets, lets, lets identify that as point number one. That stake there. So you all know where it is if we have to sketch it. You got that side Nevells?

Soldier: Yes Sir.

Halt: O.K., closest to the Woodbridge Base.

Soldier: That will be point one.

Halt: Be Point one. Lets go clockwise from there.

Soldier: Point Two.

Halt: Point Two, so this tree is between point two and point three.

Radio: (Two other personnel requesting Halts location)

Halt: Tell them negative at this time. We'll tell them when they can come out here. Don't want them out here right now. O.K., the sample, your gonna want this sample number one.

Soldier: Yes Sir.

Halt: Have them cut it off and include some of that sap and all, is between indentation two and three on a pine tree about, uh five feet away, about 3 and a half feet off the ground. There's a round abrasion on the tree about, uh, 3 and a half, or four inches in diameter. It looks like it might be old, but, uh...

Halt: Strange, there's a crystalline pine sap that's come out that fast. You say there's other trees here that are damaged with similar things?

Soldier: Yes, over towards the landing sight.

Halt: O.K., why don't you take a picture of that, and remember your picture. Hey, you ought to be writing this down. Well, it's going to be on the tape.

Soldier: You got a tape measure with you?

Halt: This is the picture, your first picture will at the first tree. The one between, uh, mark 2 and 3. Meantime, I'm going to look a couple of these trees over here...

Halt: Are you getting any readings on the trees your taking samples from?, on the side facing the suspected landing sight?

Soldier: 4 clicks, max.

Halt: Up to 4. Interesting. That's right where you're taking the sample now.

Soldier: Four.

Halt:That's the strongest point on the tree?

Soldier: Yes Sir.

Soldier: If you come up to the back, there's no clicks whatsoever.