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Crowdedskies has been recieving UFO Monthly for a number of months now and in the absence of the good old UFO Magazine Gary Heseltine the owner and author does a fantastic job.

UFO Monthly is a full colour .pdf ezine or magazine packed with new and articles on all the latest ufo happenings. If you want to keep up with all the UFO happenings we recommend UFO Monthly.

The magazine is available either by email or on CD Rom and can be paid for by post, ebay or through a paypal account.

Click to purchase UFO MAgazine by Paypal Purchase 12 issues on CD ROM fromm Ebay

UFO Monthly magazine

Right click & save as -
to save the FREE Magazine

(2.9 mb)

U.K. subscription is £18 for 12 issues by email. For Europe, U.S.A and ALL countries click here for details.


Gary Heseltine is a Detective Constable and serving police officer.

He is also a Researcher and founder of the PRUFOS (Police Reporting UFO Sightings) Database - found here: www.prufos.co.uk

As soon as Christine Birdsall told me of her decision to close UFO Magazine I felt compelled to do something to continue the legacy of Graham.

Gary Heseltine Author &

Gary Heseltine Author &
creator of UFO Monthly

Within 24 hours I had registered the name ‘UFO Monthly.com’ with the idea to create a 30 page internet based magazine for researchers and enthusiasts alike.

Between 2001-2004 I had been a constant visitor to the magazine and had become a regular feature writer with regards to my work on the PRUFOS Police Database.

I can honestly say that without there having been a Graham Birdsall and UFO Magazine I would not have become an active Ufologist.

I am determined to bring you a glossy magazine in PDF format for a nominal fee. If just a proportion of the people who followed UFO Magazine support my efforts then the time and effort spent producing 'UFO Monthly.com' will be worthwhile.

I hope you will enjoy 'UFO Monthly.com'.

Gary Heseltine

back issues

The previous 12 issues of UFO Monthly are available on CD ROM - click here for details & to order...

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July 2004
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