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UFO pics, images and pictures

Bill Mier ufo picture Billy Mier ufo picture Ed Walters Ufo Picture


UFO Pictures

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The history of UFO pictures really goes back as far as the time when the cameras became common place. In the early days of ufo research (late 1940's) ufo pictures were all the investigators had as evidence. This was the main stay of the Government BLUE BOOK project that was to determine the official view on UFOs for the next four decades. Within the Blue book files many Ufo pictures were hidden or lost and some were shown as fakes to dispel the growing phenomena.

I believe the most visually interesting pictures to date are the Billy Meier photos taken by a one armed man in Switzerland. Billy over the years has taken many hundreds of Ufo pictures and video, some showing ufos up close and personal. Also some show more than one ufo in flight at the time of the photo - its very debatable whether these are real or not - to me they remain a dubious unknown. You wont find any here though we were advised not to show any by the Agent of Bill Meier.

Ufo photos as evidence had a resurgence in 1989 when ED Walters from Gulf Breeze, Florida took many pictures up close and in full colour on Polaroid's of a ufo that was seen in the local area.

Since this time many hundreds of ufo pictures are still taken every year, but in evidence terms have generally been replaced by the video camera as a form of evidence gathering.

but still the ufo pictures roll in..

There are many thousands of UFO photos, and CROP CIRCLE photographs available in the public domain and the internet. Only a very small few are shown here..

We have seperated the Ufo images over a number of pages here for ease of use. These UFO pictures have been sent to crowded skies by users all over the internet.


ufo pics1 ufo pics2 ufo pics3 ufo pics4

ufo pics5

ufo pics6

ufo pics7

ufo pics8


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