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UFO videos

We endevour to collect as many examples of UFO videos as possible to show the general public. If you have a video we should show then email us with the clip and as much detail as you can.

We are a non profit organisation and our only aim is to educated and inform.
If we have acidentally used a video clip of your copyright then please inform us and we will remove the video.

Dont forget to check out our UFO NEWS blog for the very latest in UFO videos, ufo images and ufo news

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Inside Out London and ufos 2009



UFO over a river in italy- 2007


Real UFO Abduction of a Cow!
- 2007


August 4, 2006

Date: Early 2006 Location: Unknown Witnesses: Unknown.

Details: The witness who sent this tape did so on condition that he not be interviewed or contacted, or even questioned regarding the footage.

view the video

mAR 20TH , 2005

Strange alien crature garbs boy - caught on camera phone.

view the video

sky news - roy lake & crowdedskies interview

sky news - roy lake & crowdedskies interview

in August 2005 Roy was aksed to appear on a Sky news segment of Ufos in the UK

view the video


mexico ufos

The sighting occurred two months ago and was videotaped by pilots with the Mexican military as they flew drug patrols over the state of Campeche.

view the video



Taking pictures of the beautiful Utah countryside is part of Tommy Woodard's job with the Utah Film Commission. Recently, though, he captured something on film that's worthy of the silver screen. That something just might be a UFO.

view the video

The twin towers ufo video

Twin towers UFO video

When takinga a sight seeing tour by helicopter a young couple get to see more than they bargained for.

quicktime 2.3 meg

Unknown UFO film

Unknown UFO video

a ufo caught over an American town.

quicktime 2.6 meg

cigar ufo film

Cigar shape UFO & scout craft

Filmed in Salida, Colorado, USA

mpeg 438kb

Roswell autopsy video

Roswell Alien autopsy sample

A small sample of the controversial Roswell alien autopsy footage.

mpeg 2.0 meg

Crowdedskies - Chri martin video clip of ufo films

Crowdeskies Video montage

View the Christopher Martin compilation video montage for Crowdedskies. Contains multiple ufo clips from around the world. (.avi - 1.1meg)

Roy Lake - SKY1 XFiles TV Ad's. - Courtesy of SKY TV.

Video clip1 - Real media - 203kb
Video clip2 - Real media - 204kb
Video clip3 - Real media - 165kb
Video clip4 - Real media - 163kb

The dulce labs video footage of grey aliens

Alien cryo tanks/feeding vats

This film has been allegedly stolen from an undergound facility named DULCE.
It shows Aliens in containers of liquid, & the alleged vats of feeding substance.

RealVideo winzipfile - 178KB.

Click for the supporting DULCE pages

crop circle film

The Fake UFO / Crop circle creation video

Circa late 90's. Allegedly produced in Bristol- UK.

201 Kb - MPEG

mexico ufo film

Mexico UFO video

Shot over Mexico city, not conclusively proved to be fake - yet!

814 Kb - Real Media
4 meg - Quicktime

alternative3 film

Alternative 3 documentry mars landing video

Allegedly real footage of a manned landing on Mars from Alternative 3, screened in the early 70's, allegedly as a joke on UK T.V. Including life on Mars!

781 Kb - Real Media file

ufo videos Page1 ufo videos Page2 ufo videos Page3
ufo videos Page4 ufo videos Page5 ufo videos Page 6
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